'LIFE'S A BANQUET and MOST POOR SUCKERS ARE STARVING '(en Francais) - large painted piece, around 5 x 5 feet, acrylic paint, housepaint, ink, marker, white-out, watercolor, on masonite with 'floating' frame. One of my favorite films is "Auntie Mame" with 30's filmstar Rosalind Russell; one of Mame's maxim's is 'life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving!' So, I gave our strange character in the painting a feast to remember, and a wonderful glass of pink abysinthe as well. I hope my French translation is correct, if not, too late, it's a finished piece. Love the fact that when translated to French - the phrase 'starving to death' becomes 'death of hunger', you really have to love the French. Great piece, great fun to make, would love to do it again! Merci beaucoup ...

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