MURAL FOR DOT; Danell decided she wanted a new look for her entry to her design firm, so we painted and created new art to represent that change ... this rather large mural which occupies a large wall in her waiting area, is with the frame, around 8 x 10 feet. The mural itself was inspired by the hand-illustrated promo kits that go to each client and personally decorated with them in mind. Mural was painted on a big painter's dropcloth (love to use found items), it was primed with leftover housepaint and images painted were done in ink and black wall paint ... just waiting for a reason to paint in black road tar! The frame matches frames that were painted on the wall around 4 alcoves that showcase dot design work; it was handdrawn and cut from black foam core which nicely imitates cut wood! Great project, Danell loves it, and only took a week!